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Why has the Constitution faded from government?

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Our constitution is the legal contract between the states that created the Federal Government, sets its powers and restrictions. It contains declaratory statements to further impress upon those we elect to represent us in office that there are specific “hands off” sections and amendments specifying rights of the people. Meaning, they have no authority to legislate any of our rights away. They are rights, not privileges under government control or authority and this is made clear in the preamble of the bill of rights. This is because we are a country where the people self-govern through our elected officials. Our government is instituted to protect our rights, not govern them.

So why then, has the oath of office been reduced to a perfunctory act void of internalized meaning and intent? Why is it, regardless of party affiliation, those in office believe they are Kings ruling over their kingdom and take liberties with creative constitutional interpretations to further their grip on the American People through legislative tyranny?

HR 838 is a perfect example of this. “To develop a national strategy to prevent targeted violence through behavioral threat assessment and management, and for other purposes.”

Unfortunately, there are 78 republicans that joined 78 Democrats in “cosponsoring” this infringement. Check the names yourself, I’ve attached a link. Read the legislation carefully, and then check the “Constitution Authority Statement”. You have to do your duty and read it, probably twice. This proposed legislation is not a constitutionally authorized authority granted to our CD 8 Representative, Debbie Lesko. It sets out controls at the federal level of a vast amount of information on you, your family, neighbors and group or clubs you may belong to. It includes all levels of education, your medical professionals, mental health professionals, all law enforcement agencies, FEMA, Fusion Centers, and the Military and National Security Agencies, just about everyone. It effectively makes the states an agency of the federal government in the collection of this information and categorizing of you and your group as a threat for possible violence based on undefined criteria, leaving it to them to decide if any of this information is a “threat” for possible “Targeted Violence”. This is all for a price; they want to provide “Grants” to the state for participation, or a bribe with your money.

What everyone needs to start asking is, based on the rhetoric of the Marxists left, does your “Behavior” or comments and associations pose a “threat” towards them? Is this threat simply your opposition to their take over and control? This is always the case, throughout history this is the main cause for government mass murder. This is why we have these specific protections in the Constitution and why we have our Bill of Rights.

Our state legislators need to step up to the plate and condemn any passage and declare Arizona will not allocate resources or funds in any participation. Arizona legislators are to protect the sovereignty of the state. We need members of Congress who respect the constitutional limits on their power and respect the authority of the states.

Randy Miller

LD 21 Candidate for Arizona House Representatives



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