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What does communism do to it's people?

Listen to our Democrat candidates for president and those in office. They openly are calling for many communist ideological practices, not socialism. Much of this is a possibility with their rhetoric and ideas to stop conservative oppositional voices. We've heard the statements, "prosecute those that make fun of Congress" "shut them down" etc. They want a collectivist society with them in control. What does communism do to the people? The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was formed in the early 1920’s, shortly after Communist Russia, but didn’t take control until the late 1940’s. Shortly after gaining power, 1959-1953, they eliminated “the landlord class” labeled “rich peasants” killing over 100,000 people. Having money is against communist beliefs.

1953-1956, they eliminated the “capitalist and merchants” because they were considered wealthy or they disagreed with the party and were a threat. Many were political opponents sent to camps to work or were killed, at least 20,000. 1957-1959, the CCP started “Reeducation Camps” for the educated and those that disagreed with the party. They felt need to speak out against the CCP; killed at least 46,000. 1959-1961, the CCP took control of farming, outlawing private farms and moving peasants to industrial priorities which caused the great famine starving to death over 40,000,000 people! (Very similar circumstances in Ireland in 1845-1849. Most of the land was controlled by England and farms owned by absentee Zealouts. English laws obviously favored England. Then there was the Holodomor in Russia, 1932. Starved to death at least 10,000,000 people.) 1959 they invaded Tibet, pushing their communist ideology and killed more than 1,000,000 people.

1966-1976, if you were enemy of the Communist Ideology during the “The Great Cultural Revolution” you were in trouble. It was much like Obama's, “See Something, Say Something” was their motto. No religion or other cultural practice or art was allowed because it was not supportive of total government control. Reporting on each other was encouraged, because of fear or just Communist psychophantic committed reporting, of over 7,700,000 people were murdered by government. 1980-1915, The CCP didn’t allow more than one child per family between 1980 and 2015. Why? Population outgrowing resources, resulting in forced abortions and heavy fines for families caught with two children. Total loss of life from various methods, about 400,000,000. 1989, Tienanmen Square; protesters aren’t allowed. Students massacred, approximately several thousand to 10,000 with thousands more wounded. 1999 to present being persecuted are the Falun Gong practitioners because they are a threat to communist rule. Estimated dead are approximately 4000 people.

Don't believe me, let me refresh your memory.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJCDe7vdFfw Reference: Article from Epoch Times July 4-10, 2019.


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