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Unconstitutional Order in Colorado

This is America and we can't compare our reaction to this virus to any socialist or communist country. We must treat this like any other crises, under our laws that are made in accordance to our constitution. Those laws made in conflict to our Constitutions are not legal and authorized by the people.

Colorado, about a week ago issued a Public Health Stay Home Order (PHO). Colorado is an example of our governments' flexing their political muscle by determining what businesses are essential, and “nonessential”, then closing down by order they deem nonessential. Notice the difference in their choices, Socialists Democrat states for example say gun stores are unessential and close them down. More “Conservative” states say they are essential. This is not an authority any state government has. These businesses are privately owned and are thus the property of the individuals that own them. Thus they are subject to all the protections under the Bill of Rights. In communist countries, yes they are property of the state and controlled by them. Last I checked, we are not a communist country.

Check your state constitutions. In the Arizona Constitution, Article 2, Section 2, says: "All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights." I'm sure Colorado's constitution has something similar. I suggest you read it and then act accordingly.

The Colorado Government, under this order, has said what you are and aren’t allowed to do. The list of things you can do are pretty much normal activities. Basically, live your ordinary life except now grant their permission to you to live as you have, for the most part. How is it that they gave you permission to live as you normally have? Because it is a crime, punishable of up to $1000 and/or one year in jail if you don’t follow their guidelines. Pretty clear. Same as it was in the USSR and in China today, except they still arrest for ordinary crimes. Additionally, last I checked our system of government is a separation of powers. The legislature makes laws and the executive enforces them. Did this come from the state legislature? Or is this an executive order with a new law written in it making it a crime punished by the executive as well? If so, what is going on here? Is this a King?

Also, government will now take care of paying you and funding businesses they’ve shut down. Again, something normally done in communist countries. By taking illegal control over private business and shutting them down, they’ve eliminated the economic engine that is the source of funding everything they do. Under Communism, business belongs to the state. In America, all business is private ownership.

Additionally, our elected representatives have and are continuing to savagely add to our already unsustainable debt, which in my opinion is part of the design. Create a need for government to take total control because the current system was not successful. They will point to "a crises" as the system in place being unable to adequately address the needs of the people or the country. Therefore, their new system of socialism is necessary to "safely" and "fairly" serve the people. Complete crap of course, but this is their intent and purpose for exploiting this public concern of the Corona virus.

We have been conditioned to their control over the years and accepted their promises of subsistence. We have lost our direction of independence and individual prosperity which fosters ingenuity, creativity, compassion and solidarity as a United Country working together for our future. Instead, we have a new master; Government. Congratulations to all the decades of planning by the communist’s infiltration we’ve ignored and in fact, fostered. You’ve won. Unless, the people see what I see and get off their asses and stand together once again.

Condition Response has been effective in changing our behavior. Not in the classical sense, such as in Pavlov’s neutral stimulus, but more sophisticated in behavior modification of dependency. Taking away our ability of self-satisfaction through individual success, learned through our failures and success, to slowly inserting the controlling conditions of dependency of government with satisfaction of mediocrity in existence.

The direction that should have been taken by our political "leaders" is making an attempt to appeal to the good sense of the public to exercise extreme precautions against the spread of this virus. Identify what they know at the time as risk factors and the identified high risk demographics and groups most at risk with recommendations for them to follow. Provide regular updates and precautions when necessary. This is the responsible and only authority they have over the people as a whole. They have no constitutional authority to implement any type of restrictions of movement of the people, especially any form of "house arrest" and suspending the constitutional rights of the people under any circumstance.

I encourage you to read a short paper, 55 pages, called "The Law" by Frederick Bastiat. He was warning people in 1850 that our laws are being “perverted.” He said: “The law becoming the tool of every kind of avarice, instead of its check. The law guilty of that very inequity which it was its mission to punish”. This is true today and only getting worse.

Randy Miller

Constitutional Republican

Candidate for Arizona House of Representatives.


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