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They Just Don't Get It!

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

They just don’t get it.

We had our monthly LD meeting on March 19th. Our Congressional Representative appeared to share the happenings in Washington. Her opening was about how she is on Fox news and how people are recognizing her in the stores etc. She then explained HR1, the Democrats proposal to provide grants to “Women’s’ shelters” in the states with the caveat that transgender men must be permitted. She said they know Republican women won’t vote for this so they can be targeted as being against equal rights. I agree with her and commend her for holding her ground.

I proposed to her a way to turn it around on them by saying to the committee members, “I am all for women’s safety and protection, this is not the issue. The issue is where in the constitution does congress have the authority to do this?” I suggested she get on TV and bring her case to the people, make the Democrat members explain their legal authority. Her response was “that won’t go anywhere” … “no news outlet will give me time”; and “if I did that, I wouldn’t be able to write my amendments”.

Interesting. She was just bragging about being on Fox news, now she can’t get the air time? I’m sure any nationally syndicated radio show like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity or others would be happy to have her on if she called and said who she is. She acknowledged with her response she agrees that there is no authority. Then she says she doesn’t want to say congress has no authority because she can’t write her amendments?

She either just doesn’t get it, or she doesn’t care about law. How can you write amendments when there’s no authority in the first place? These are the people we left in charge of stopping the Socialist takeover of America. These are our front-line warriors in our defense and if people don’t speak up, our precinct committeemen and women will continue to clap and say “Thank You” every time our elected officials are paraded right in front of them demonstrating their constitutional ignorance. Don’t put them on a pedestal. When you do, you lose your objectivity of their work and abilities. Praise and thank them when they are right, absolutely, we need to do this, but call them out when they are wrong. It's our duty.

Randy Miller

LD21 Constitutional Republican


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