• Randy

The Designed Intent of Open Borders

I started receiving publications to Epoch Times News Paper about a month ago. There are many "hits" on "Google" with various ideas and descriptions of Epoch Times. The best way to determine what they are about is for you to decide for yourself, like so far I have done. I like the no holds bared approach to actual news that are affecting us as a country and a state. The Mainstream Media has been a failure at delivering their "mission statement" and adhering to any ethics of moral value we traditionally hold.

Here is a video for you that I think everyone must watch. I have heard Trevor Loudon speak here in Surprise Arizona about 7 years ago. And I purchased a documentary he and many other political and military figure heads put together called "Agenda", a two part series. He is well informed, has a cadre of support and investigators to assist in his presentation and they are based on facts he you can verify.

It's time the people do their own investigations and get active or lose the country to the "Progressive Movement", the new fancy name for Communists. Same pig, different lipstick.


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