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Republicans, Red Flag Laws and You

Updated: Mar 4

Man has demonstrated their injustices while in power. It’s been this way throughout history and our founding fathers were well aware of this fact. Justification is found to excuse the atrocities at the time, then reflection determines no justification existed or was false. Unfortunately for the victims of “Justice”, it’s too late. Man inflicts more evil through the form of government as a means of “control or compliance” than any one individual is capable, we just fail to see it for what it is, control and compliance. This is the main purpose of our second amendment rights. Our constitution is the creation of an evaluation of past and present atrocities known at the time; failed government practices through history and their present, and a look at the future; what would work for the day and changing times of tomorrow.

We will always have those that search out ways to inflict their pain on others as expression of their turmoil and hate, we see this today, that will never change. It is also true that those in government will always have ideas and intention for their own reasons and beliefs. We see this demonstrated today. The problem is, when they're an elected official, they are in a position to inflict their injustices on the masses, many times without interference, with the resources belonging to the people and with devastation foreseen but not accepted until it occurs.

This is why we have history as a lesson, and why we need to put history back in our schools. In Arizona, a minimum standard required in history to graduate isn't required. I believe an understanding of history is also one of the reasons why we have our second amendment and this is why I speak out in defense. So why do we have so many claiming to be republican, one in particular, say he “thinks the legislature can pass a red-flag law." He further stated, "If asked", he says he will "work with the Governor to make it happen.” I say it’s because they are blinded by their position as being one of “power” and not as one of trust placed in them by the people. They are not working for the people's interest, protecting our rights, but protecting their position of power and influence.

Randy Miller

Candidate for Arizona House, LD 21

Constitutional Republican


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