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Orchestrated Mutual Destruction

Our Comrades in Tucson have an online reporting system for fellow communist to report on businesses owned by the state that aren’t following the “guidelines” set forth in the Governor’s executive order. If a comrade sees a business that is “non-essential and should be closed”, they can report it. If they believe the business “Should be takeout only” or “Not practicing social distance requirements” or “Business is operating at more than minimum requirements” they can report it. Finally, if comrade has a complaint that doesn’t fit the outlined issues, not to worry, they can list it under “other” and with the choice to remain anonymous. Tucson has come a long way to fulfill their communist’s agenda, take control of private business and complete government dependency. Don’t worry folks, your $1200 check should be coming soon. Next, private property will be gone after all the foreclosures. Government will own them all anyway since FANNIE and FREDDIE are the largest after market purchasers of mortgages in the country.

Yes, they are working at a record pace, thanks to COVID19 as their scapegoat. They’ve shut down our churches, schools and business because the communist leadership has merged to one party and will rebuild under a new world order after they’ve completed their orchestrated mutual destruction.

Do you believe in Arizona as a free and independent State? We won our independence at great expense, so are you okay with relinquishing your entire fate, future and freedoms to the minds and ideologies of the political elite? Ducey has been pushing for Red Flag Laws that everyone has been upset over, now he issues executive orders at a record pace all short of outlining specific circumstances and conditions of justification. He stated on April 7th they “are not going to estimate a guess on how many people COULD die.” Then what is the qualification for a “pandemic” that would trigger his authority to “quarantine” a “peoples”, even those that aren’t sick or infected. And you all are now trusting him? This is a complete overreach of power in my opinion and I haven’t heard one legislator speak up? What is their job? Where is the balance of power? Why is one man dictating to the state everything I mentioned above?

Government’s role is to protect the rights of the people, not control our families, business models, method and means of income, when or how we practice our religions or how we address our medical and physical health. These are all individual responsibilities and rights because we as individuals know what is best for us and our families. We are supposed to have good sense to protect ourselves from infections with good advice. If you as an individual can’t be trusted to make these decisions, then why would an individual you don’t know be able, or should be allowed to make them for you and your family? Better yet, they will decide what and how much you get based on available resources divided equally among the people. Your measly "stimulus check" is an example. We are a free and independent people, state and country and it has slowly been hijacked from us. Unfortunately, today it is being finalized in front of your eyes and too many of you are accepting it out of manufactured fear. Yes, COVID19 is real, I am not minimizing it. The question for you is, at what point do you say no more. We just went through years of media lies, government corruption and criminality being exposed on an unprecedented level. Yet look at us now. Believing everything spewed on the news when you all know “something is wrong”. Listen to your gut, it isn’t yelling at you for nothing.

Randy Miller

Candidate for LD 21 House of Representative




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