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Politics, Corona Virus and our Economy

This is an open letter to Republicans everywhere.  You pick where you stand.  I'm in the second half, the constitutional party, or the Waking Republicans, angry and ready. We have two Republican worlds at work here. The first one is the established regime, or the “establishment of people” employing long-term practices and policies designed to keep them in office through manipulation and control of party members, particularly Precinct Committeemen (PC’s) through propaganda, intimidation tactics, shaming practices by decrying “loyalty” put out by leadership. They pick the candidates and support those in office that play along with them in their power struggle. The support base of this are people and PAC's that pool resources with money and influence to throw propaganda material in voters’ mailboxes against good candidates to keep puppets and political hacks in office that support them. The second world of republicans are those that are waking up to the wrong doings of those in power and the political games, lies and deceit played out every election cycle and we are fighting back. This scares you and your ilk, and now there is a battle being waged against us, instead of fighting for us and with us. We are the ones fighting for the rights, freedoms and liberties of our citizens. We are the ones fighting against the ever-increasing power grab over us and the expansion of the police state over the States and the People. This reaction by those in office at all levels, and the politicization of this “crises” by democrats is despicable.

We are not like other countries; WE are America and WE are Americans governed by the Constitution of the United States and our respective states. We cannot compare our reaction to this crises or others, based on what other Socialists or Communist countries do, nor would I want to. We must react to them according to our laws and based on the principles of our country under our constitution; period. We are the people of our government and we are based on trust of the people doing the right thing and not being told every step of the way how we are to behave, what we are to say, and that it is okay for the government to imprison us in our homes, shut down our businesses, and mobilize forces in the executive branches of government to enforce the dictates of the powers that be. Well, I’m here to tell you, I am not going anywhere and I am here to stay and fight, and guess what? I am not alone.

Here are some truths for you to sort out for yourselves.

"Updated March 21, 2020 https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/cases-updates/cases-in-us.html“COVID-19 can cause mild to severe illness; most severe illness occurs in older adults.“

Yet, there are no statistics on deaths and any correlation on pre-existing conditions that other sources show exists in contributing to these deaths. hey acknowledge the elderly are most vulnerable and represent the most deaths, but no statistics on this. Why? This demographic can be addressed without shutting down civilization. The CDC is silent on this as well as the media.

Here's some interesting facts by the CDC. January 12, 2020 to January 31- (15 cases). February 1, to February 29th, (454 cases). March 1 through March 8 – (962 new cases with consistent fluctuation in increased numbers up to a maximum of 140 a day nationwide) March 9 to March 11- 346 new cases, the largest daily increase, over a three day period. March 12 to March 17, with March 12, being the beginning of the previous norm of daily reporting, 112 new cases, and each day thereafter dramatically dropping to zero new cases March 18th, and 19th, nationwide!

On March 20th, 2020, after 2 days of ZERO new cases, Mayor Kate Gallego of Phoenix, presents and signs her “Emergency Proclamation” basically shutting down all city services. Local law enforcement has been verbally instructed to NOT arrest people except for domestic violence, instead just cite and release. So, no arrests being made in Phoenix. This all from the Mayor. According to her, under number 5 of her proclamation, says: "Because of the extreme peril to its residents and visitors, the cooperation of the state and federal government is requested to include the area of the City of Phoenix in any emergency declaration and for all federal and state emergency funding or assistance.” This is further proven in #3 where she mandates “all city officers and employees shall take all steps requested by the Director of Emergency Management Agency to qualify the City for reimbursement…” And there you have it. It’s about money in the name of “Extreme Peril” existing even after the CDC, based on states reporting to them, showing ZERO new cases nationwide, two days prior to her proclamation.

Here is FEMA doing what they do best. Not letting an emergency go to waste, just like Katrina where they rounded up tens of thousands of people, housing them in unsanitary conditions and went house to house taking weapons from citizens in violation of their due process rights and general rights as human beings. This is the actions of reporting only selective virus statistics that caused mass panic buying, shutting down of services as we've seen, disruption of supply lines and the market crash. They should show restraint and appeal to the good senses of the people like in other epidemics in the past.

In the great depression, the stock market dropped 24.8%, the worst in history of the market. Now, we had a previous high of 29,759 on the DOW to our new low at this moment, of 19,174. This is a 35.57% drop. The Nasdaq was at a high of 9,876; and is now at this moment, 6,855, a 31% drop. The S&P was 3,408 and at this moment, is 2295; a 33% drop. We will take a very long time to recover from this and the federal reserve has announced “pumping $1 trillion a day through the end of the month” to the banks. What are their real intentions here?

Randy Miller

Candidate for Arizona House, LD 21.


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