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Oath of Office and Gun Control

Updated: May 26, 2019

Why do we have an oath of office if it has become only a formality to being in office? How many Democrat presidential candidates are competing to see who can be the most vocal for gun registration, restrictions and confiscation schemes of "assault weapons" limiting magazine capacity and the number of weapons one can purchase in a months time?

Kamala Harris promises to use an executive order to implement her plan of gun control if elected president if Congress doesn't. She believes she is independent of congress with authority not granted in the constitution. History is full of people like this, thinking they are the sole authority to determine the fate, safety, needs and wants of society. The problem is, society under the rule of people like this always suffer the whims of these dictators. Lenin, Stolen, Mussolini, Pal Pot, Mao Tse Tung, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, today's South African communist genocide of white citizens, and the dictatorships of Islamic countries murdering tens of thousands of Christians and "non believers" with total political control under Sharia. This is what Kamala Harris and Corey Booker symbolize when they tout their policies against the American People and the Constitution they are to uphold. This is an assault on the American people and they are violating the law, our constitution requiring their immediate removal. Today's democrat party is shifted completely to a strong socialist if not communist ideology, the very thing we fought two world wars to defeat.

My wife, being of Russian decent, has a real life impact of Communist tyranny. Her grandfather was a Farmer, with a small number of acres and a farm house larger than the government said he needed. Her grandfather was given a choice of either giving the farm house, and all crops to the government with his being allowed to continue to live there with government monitors, or they will take it and he will be sent to the prison camp in Siberia. He refused. Everything was confiscated and he was sent to prison in shame for being a "Rich Farmer". No property was allowed to be owned by an individual and had to be controlled by the state for "equal distribution". The problem is, there wasn't anything close to "Equal Distribution" in regards to food. Most all people outside the largest cities we rationed vegetables, only received fruits on the large holidays, had long lines for bread and milk, and were expected to forage in the forest for mushrooms. The basic form of vegetables was in a can and limited selections only. They practiced religion in secret and never spoke out or complained about government since this was looked down on and harshly punished. She doesn't remember there being a homeless problem because nobody had there own bathroom, kitchen or wash room. Everyone lived in a one room flat and facilities were shared. Families would share a room. It didn't matter how many members there were. Single or a couple, you'd share a room if needed. Everyone took turns keeping the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room clean. This is equal distribution. How else would it work? Confiscation is necessary, but first, they need to create crisis to disarm the people. Now, what do you invision when Democrats talk about big government and they want to be in control? Their vial rhetoric alone should shock the senses, let alone their complete lack of regard for human life in killing millions of children and justifying it with "it's a woman's right". This is an unbelievable devaluation of human life and they claim to be supportive of "equality". Abortion is a desensitization to human life and yet another example of how easy it would be for them to kill their citizens to maintain control.

Article 6, paragraph 4 states: "The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution..." It is very clear what their responsibility is. Would you say this is a "Rebellion"? Consider, not only are they openly defying their constitutional duties to protect the peoples rights under the constitution, they have been engaged in criminal acts designed to undermine and remove a sitting president. This is evidenced by all presented statements and documents to show a coverup by the Mueller investigation of the Clinton Russian collusion, conspiracy between the FBI and our intelligence community to fabricate and cover up evidence concocted to create their fraudulent investigation and the use of the peoples resources being weaponized against its citizens in fraudulent FISA warrants and "un-masking" (1) (2)

We have the mainstream media clearly taken over by the Socialist/Communist movement, also known as progressives, and working to report only commentary and opinion rather than of neutrality of the issues as news. So yes, you'll find many counter articles to what I am presenting here, this is the danger we face with propaganda managed by government and their conspirators to influence the people, also a well used tactic of communist dictators.

Our state legislators have remained silent on these issues and have not spoken about the rising threats to freedom and state sovereignty spoken openly by most of the democrat party members. The state legislators have actions they can take to nullify any and all usurpation of power and unconstitutional acts by congress. Our congressional members for Arizona also must use any and all public forums and news media to stand up and say there is no authority for any of these actions and build a coalition of like minded state legislators to stand together on these issues.

We are in a political war for our very salvation as a country and we need warriors in office to stand up and take on the fight. I will fight to end this attack on our constitutions, our freedom, independence and sovereignty.

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