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Is it Trump? Or why he was elected?

Updated: May 26, 2019

It has been said that “Trump is a movement and we must support him 100%”. The movement is represented by the person as the figure or token of the movement. The person is not the basis of the movement. If we ignore the actions and statements of the figure that are counter to the movement itself, we place the figure above the intent of the movement. Trump started a movement based on his campaign statements and ideas that resonated with the people. This is what the people voted for, not the man, but it was his message and his ideas that garnered so much support.

When a statement such as this below in quotes is made, this is a demand that we support all his actions despite some of statements or actions being contradictory to the initial movement. The man now becomes the movement and it changes with his ideas.

"If you want my vote and support in 2020, you need to be on board with President Trump and the Trump agenda. If you do not stand with President Trump, get out of the way for a candidate that does. I stand 100% with President Trump."

This is demanding loyalty to a man, not God, if you believe, and not the Constitutions that govern our President and legislators. This is exactly the value statement made by those that want to raise themselves and the government above God and the laws that protect us from government. I use God due to the fact that our country was based on Christian Values and, rather you believe in God or not, it is important to believe our rights come from a higher source and not from man. History has shown the tragedies of this with over 100 million murders committed because of man believing he or she is the decider of your rights, including the right to live. If man, or government, become the highest form of authority, we have no defense against them. Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Mussolini, Mao Tse tung, and Pal Pot all held the same values and demands. Follow me 100% and I will lead you to a land of equality and righteousness for our people. They decided who the right people were, they defined what equality was and they all suppressed dissidents through imprisonment or execution as an example for others.

I'm just advocating for controlled and measured assessments of those actions and statements after promising this movement to the people and taking actions and making statements that either are counter to this goal and/or that are in fact in line with assisting this communist (Progressive) agenda from the left. When he says "I want to set aside funds for a national family leave plan" He just altered the agenda, which is now his agenda, and is furthering government dependency and expanding the role of government towards a Communist takeover. This is just an example of several. I like Trump, but question things he does outside of the "Movement".

We must remember that the power of government is inherent in the people. So why would we want to give total control and loyalty to one person or group of people without assessing their statements and actions against their stated agenda? Or when we know their "Agenda" but fail to research history's story of past agenda's failures and tragedies like socialism, communism, Islam, and Marxism? We must pay attention with an open mind to the actions and statements of those that want to hold office and that are in office.



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