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Immigration Reform Proposed by POTUS

Trump Unveils Major Legal Immigration Reform Proposal -


All of our previous presidents from Reagan on, spoke on the need for immigration reform and securing our southern border; Obama, both Bush's, and Clinton. Now that we have solid actual proposal, the "Progressive" communists, aka, the Democrats, are very critical of this proposal by President Trump. Why? It is past time we have a serious change to this current failure and neglect by congress to one that is guarding our country's history, heritage and culture. We cannot allow this current failed system that has no inherent safe guards that protect our country as a nation, our people's traditional values, economic base and system of government that has been in place for over 230 years.

This is a political assault on the country by the Democrats because they don't want to agree with anything positive, or even if it were negative, because it will give an accomplishment to President Trump and boost his popularity for his second term. This is a crises because it demonstrates we are in a political war for the future continuation or destruction of our country. We know what the "Progressives" desire is because they are open about it. They want a socialist/communist progressive change that destroys our constitution.

The Progressive/Communists had a good start towards shifting power away from the political system with removing the control away the legislative branch, from the people, with the passage of the Government Ethics Act of 1978. This as stated in the March 2019 Imprimis by Hillsdale College, changed an important function of how we govern. This allowed for the "independent commission" to investigate the president when there is a political advantage to do so. Rather than have debate and facts presented by congress to support and win over the public for their position, they punt to the "legal" system. This takes away the peoples' ability to keep control through a political process and puts it in the hands of a "justice" system to decide where the people have no control over the process or it's decision. It is a bureaucratic system that is only controlled by it's own will and the political machinations of those involved. This we saw with the "Russia Collusion" scheme against President Trump.

We must remain a constitutional form of government and get back to the Constitutions of this country. This is what I will fight for and I hope you will join me. Here is an excerpt of a good point this 1978 Act created. In doing so, a Democrat controlled Congress effectively circumvented the constitution, in my opinion.

"Our country was divided at the time of Watergate, as it remains divided today, over how we should be governed, and thus over what constitutes a good and just regime. Is the modern administrative state, the progressive innovation that took shape in the New Deal and was greatly expanded in the Great Society - the just and proper way to govern? Or is it just and proper to govern through political structures established by the Constitution? Does the regulation of Americans' economic and social lives by a centralized bureaucracy establish the moral justification for government? Or does the underlying principal of American constitutionalism-the principal that the power of government must be limited and directed to the protection of its citizens' natural rights - remain valid?"

John Marini- Professor, Author, Advisor.


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