• Randy

Immigration or Invasion?

As reported in Epoch Times, May 23rd – 29th 2019, issue, the “Immigration” problem has only gotten worse. This is a human trafficking, a multi billion-dollar criminal organization. After a typical central American or Mexican citizen pays about $1500 up front and a promise to pay the remaining approximate $5,500 once in the U.S, these people are smuggled in under horrific conditions. Some are forced to endure being locked in travel trailers with no air-conditioning, and a lack of food and water for hours during transport. They “aren’t treated as humans”, more like a commodity.

Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerrero said; “Border patrol agents in Hidalgo, the Rio Grande Valley, apprehended more than 173,000 illegal immigrants crossing from Mexico in the past seven months, more than 101,000 of whom are individuals within a family unit.”

These are just what has been apprehended.

He further stated; “They spend so much time on the border dealing with humanitarian issues they can’t do their needed intelligence work, such as dealing with stash houses.” Single males make up the majority of those being held in stash houses and they reportedly had been “dismantling up to three stash houses a day”. Not now, due to the humanitarian work pulling them away at the border. Some of these stash houses have had over 60 people. It was reported that stash houses can be in any neighborhood, low income housing and  gated communities. Are you paying attention to your neighbors?

Isn’t it interesting how the “Progressive Communist” twist the facts to attempt to demonstrate their concern for border invaders as a human right issue? Yet, they ignore and fail to report just how these people are being exploited for millions of dollars a month. Sometimes these people are being held ransom for more than originally agreed to, used as a labor force for more profit and even traded in sex trafficking.

Are you believing their lies?


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