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I am not the Enemy!

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

I had a legislator tell me a while ago: “Randy, do you know what your problem is? You’re a believer”. I was told by another legislator, “Randy, you don’t know how it works down there” (Referring to the capital). Now most recently, I’ve been asked “why do you pick a fight with everyone” no one will want to work with you if you keep making them look bad. Referring to my calling out violations of your constitutional rights with legislation and rhetoric on desired bills like red flag laws, DNA bills, etc. and failures to act on issues when it is in a legislator’s responsibility and duty to so on issues like Phoenix imposing ordinances criminalizing our right to exercise religious beliefs.

What do these statements say about the mindset of our legislators? Not all of course, but many obviously. I’m a believer in the constitution is a problem? Really? I’m not supposed to publicly point out what an elected official is doing wrong according to the constitution? Yes, I could go privately and ask, trying to convince them to do differently. I’ve done this over the years and we see the results. The campaigning for votes and support is more powerful than the silent people or the plea behind the scenes that no one else hears. So, I’m left with making the decision so many others have made. Change who I am and be willing to compromise my values and beliefs so I can get elected and play the game in politics or don’t try?. Sorry, but I will not.

I am pushing a movement back to a constitutional form of government we have drifted away from for way too long. It is now or never and I am not going to ignore the lack of regard for our rights being disregarded by members of our own party caving to the communist movement of the Democrat Progressives.

I am asking our legislators to join me in doing their job and uphold their oaths of office. I am not your enemy! And to make decisions on accountability and transparency not capitulation to special interest. How am I the enemy if I stand for this? I am not the enemy if I point out the violations committed in the name of votes and special interest support while trampling my and your rights. I am a concerned citizen exercising my rights and doing my job holding my elected officials accountable. I would expect no less from any of you once I am elected.

I ask you; to defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic, means telling them “by what authority do you do this?” makes me the enemy, then where does this leave us? That is what they want, to silence your voice against the usurpation of powers by all levels of government and I am asking you and our legislators to stand with me and say no more. We are not the enemy; we are the people of Arizona and America and we aren’t taking it anymore. We are no longer the silent majority; you are poking the tiger in the eye.

Randy Miller

LD 21 Candidate for Arizona House.



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