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Communism is not Equal

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

My wife and I were talking this morning about her experiences under Communist Russia, USSR. She is amazed at those in America that are advocating for Communism/Socialism while boasting how it is "fair" and treats everyone "equal". Ignorance is dangerous and so many are ignorant.

My wife was born and raised in the USSR, came to America in 2010 and is a proud, legal citizen as of 2016! She was so excited to become a citizen and is now so confused with our politics. Let me explain.

She went to the University in Saint Petersburg and graduated with a Doctor's Degree in psychology. She also has a masters in Electrical Engineering, but now I'm bragging. Anyway, we were talking about how it was under communism as far as food supply and how food was rationed among the people both before Gorbachev and under Yeltsin. She remembers waiting in long lines just for milk, sometimes a couple of hours. The people would be happy to get their milk. It wasn't so for those in the communist party leadership. Her college friend worked at the Magazin Kuptsov Yeliseyevykh. (Photos below) This is a "fancy" market where people would wait in lines to get basic foods to take home. If you were in "party leadership" you didn't wait in lines and would get "different" foods not available to the "ordinary" person. If you were in the communist party, you would be able to enter through a different door and receive "special foods under the table". She said people didn't complain about this, they couldn't. I have been to this market and it is very nice with fun and fancy foods and souvenirs. Great chocolates which is one of my vices.

Shopping and receiving special items not available to ordinary people isn't the only discrimination practiced under "equal" treatment in communist governments. Party members were the only ones that received higher paying positions and jobs. Her father had a high paying position at the power plant and they had more money than "average" people. She didn't really understand this difference until later in life because her father never talked about politics.

My wife once shared with me about her mother almost being arrested as a young girl, because she was trying to sell some wild berries the picked in the forest. She was about 14 years old and the police took her to the station and confiscated her berries. I asked her mother this during our last trip and she shared how frightened she was. She knew she wasn't supposed to "do business" but wanted the money. She never attempted to sell anything again. She explained "Only government can do business and we weren't allowed to compete." My sister in law said that in the 1960's "it was better". They had open markets where they could sell berries and other farm items, but American Levi's and other clothing items, they sold in the bathroom unseen so as not to get arrested.

As far as medical went, well this is frightening to me. My wife shared her experience going to the dentist. They didn't use Novocaine or any numbing for pain. She had a couple of root canals and said the experience was really something she can't even describe. No one received Novocaine because the government said it wasn't needed. When she was giving birth, she had to bring her own supplies like a thermometer, aspirin etc. Nothing was provided. Nurses weren't available when she needed them because they were not as many as they needed and their attitude wasn't one of caring about comfort for patients. Not now, but under communist leadership. People adapted and it was normal for them.

They only had one radio channel and of course it was controlled by the government. You had to wake up in the morning and listen to it direct you through your morning exercises and political programming.

In school, they had a "young pioneer" program for all children. This of course was an indoctrination program to instill how wonderful government is and what it means to be a "patriot" to the country. Nothing like what it is to be a patriot in America, supporting and defending freedom for all. No, they were programming them to turn on those that are against government ideas and practices. One of their "heroes" they would use as an example was a boy who turned in his father because he was complaining about government practices at home.

I share these little bits of information to hopefully enlighten those that read my blog and don't know what total government control means. Look around you today and listen to the rhetoric of new and old democrat office holders, and unfortunately some republicans in office. It is not what our constitutional principles give us. We should live in a country that was established to limit government to specific powers while leaving the people free to decide most things for ourselves under a system of laws we create through our local legislators. We are supposed to control these legislators through our election process. Not so under communism, which is really what the "Progressive" movement is. They just gave themselves a new name to fool the people.

If you haven't seen the movie or read the book Animal Farm, please do. This way you'll understand my reference when I say "The pigs are in charge". Also, the pigs in the movie and book are Lenin (or Trotsky), Stalin and Hitler. You can change communism or socialism's name to "Progressive" but it doesn't change their intent. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig.

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