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Are we better under socialism?

Looking at it from just an economic point of view, socialist and socialist leaning countries seriously struggle in sustaining themselves. I am not claiming to be an economic expert, but I don't think you need to be to understand these facts I've found for you here.

"In China the government manages and controls the economy. Many of the domestic companies are owned and run by the government. Recently, the Chinese economy has become more geared towards capitalism, but is still officially socialist. Life in China remains relatively less stressful and more relaxed than life in capitalist countries like America."


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It is my opinion that this is complete propanda crap.

I have a friend that worked for Apple in China. His stories of what he witnessed is not going to agree with any of the above statement regarding China remains less stressful and more relaxed. The problem with what we read on the internet is it is mostly propaganda to influence the reader. Unless you've traveled to these various countries, granted mine is limited, you'll not know the truth.

I have family and friends in France, Israel, Finland and Russia. I've been to Russia and Finland 3 times in the last 4 years. We communicate frequently on politically in the areas from the people's perspective. Finland for instance, a Socialist Country, is in financial trouble just with health care costs alone. The country has a population of about 5,500,000 people. Arizona has a little over 7 million now. Our state budget, just past, is a little over $11 billion. This is to fund our entire government. Finland is in DEBT over $12 billion Euros just for health care, more than our government funding the of the state. The people don't get immediate service unless it is life and death. The quality of the care is not of the quality to justify the costs and lack of service. My son in-law had to go to Saint Petersburg for his son because the Finnish doctors, took too much time to get an appointment, couldn't determine what his issue was due to limited use of testing. They got more answers in Saint Petersburg.

Each citizen of Finland is in debt $2,182 Euros, including my grandson at age two and a half. That is just healthcare.


In 2016, the Deustche Bank was on the way to being insolvent with their rating near junk status. They were told they needed to sell their "under performing assets". Hmm they're a major funding source for the "One World Government" experiment called the EU.


Here are just a couple of other things for people to consider. Although "Expert opinion" still varies on if Japan is socialist or not, their Debt to GDP is approximately 200%. Wait, here is more for you reading pleasure:

Finland 196%; Australia, 126%; Belgium 265%; Denmark 163%; France 196%; Germany 141%; Greece 228%; Hungary 121%; Iceland 118%; Italy 124%; Jamaica 122%; Latvia 147%; Estonia 91% New Zealand 100%; Netherlands 522% (no this isn't a typo); Norway 169%; Portugal 216%; Spain 167%; Sweden 177%; Switzerland 269% United Kingdom (England) 313%!!!! and now, the United States of America..........115% of our Gross Domestic Product goes to fund just our yearly government operations, not our outside debt.

Sure many of these countries are capitalistic with strict government regulation of those businesses and many still are socialist in operating these businesses. But they all have one thing in common, they fund socialistic programs trying to promise free health care, free education and jobs for all. But they spend much more than they can support with their economies. What do you think will happen or should happen? It is just a matter of time. The people in France, from my knowledge, are concerned with an increase of the deteriorating services and infrastructure and increasing taxes they can't afford. The "Yellow Vest" Protesters take to the streets due to overbearing tax burdens. In France, they have an agency that does only one thing; find more creative ways to tax the people.

History has shown, and present-day facts show, that Socialism fails and the people aren't in control of their governments. They become a commodity just to sustain government and then communism steps in to fill the gap and the ensuing resistance.

We have our constitutions, federal and state. They limit government and are to protect the people. Let’s get back to our constitutional form of government and take back the country as intended.


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