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9-11 and the Expanding Federal Police State

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Tragedies are used to expand the arm of government over the people with the disguise of “protection”. The problem is it is always presented and always accepted with the caveat “you must sacrifice your rights and freedoms for the whole of the people.” The Bolsheviks did the same thing. In fact, China grants all individual freedom which is limited pretty much to when you choose to take bathroom breaks and other personal needs. In China, there are no natural rights, only government granted rights as in most Muslim Countries.

So, why are Americans turning the tide to total government dependence?

We’ve lost much over the last 19 years, starting with a Republican President, George Bush, a lover of the “New World Order” just like his father. The states have obfuscated their responsibility to their people and sacrificed personal freedoms and liberties for the “Safety of All” to the hands of federal government, which cares little for the individual, but greatly for their own expansion. This is Communism and society has welcomed it.

Bush and all of Congress gave us, thanks to the help and beliefs of now Justice Bret Kavanaugh, the Real ID, dictating to the states state ID requirements must meet federal standards including a bio-metric scan of some sort, and the Patriot Act, which is a violation of Article 1, section 9, prohibition against; Habeas Corpus, Bills of Attainder, and our 4th, 5th and 6th amendment protections of Due Process. Yet we all haste to support “A republican nominee” and don’t bother to vet anyone anymore. Ghee, thanks for that.

9/11 also brought about the “Aviation and Transportation Security Act”, in November of 2001, less than a full 2 months after the "Attack". When does congress ever act this fast?  Hmmm. 

I bring this up because I ask you where is this an authorization granted to the federal government? Are states not responsible for these things and can or should they be doing it? In regards to Air Port Security, yes, our state law enforcement agencies currently do patrol our Air Ports, and are capable of monitoring "terrorist activities" and sharing information with other states and federal agencies. All that is needed is for the legal "federal" agencies to share information with the states that created them in the first place. It is for the "Common Defense and General Welfare" that they are to do this.

The Federal Government has no jurisdiction at our Air Ports. Article 1, Section 8 clauses 12 through 16, are "War Powers" or authority granted to them for War and the General Defense. Air Ports are not, I repeat, are not military tools for war, especially during times of peace. They are solely state responsibility. Further, even our military bases, ports, forts, and magazines, are obtained with the permission of the state legislature and purchased. I don't believe Arizona legislators sold Phoenix Sky Harbor and granted permission for it to be a military installation. TSA, doesn't have authority to exist or be in our Air Ports.

Lets start talking about our constitution again or lose your freedoms forever.

Randy Miller


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