We Can Do Better

I have lived my life following the rules, believing in our laws and trusting government to always do what is right.  We have seen this is rarely the case in government, causing us to lose trust and faith.  I am running to be your State Representative and will work to bring trust and doing what is right according to our constitutions back in government.  Sadly, the "Progressive" Democrats openly advocate for the elimination of the constitution, giving them total control.  This is progressive democrats dangling candy in front you like you're a child, offering everything for free, hoping to fool you.
I am running for office because I am concerned about the direction our state and country is headed.  I believe in the rights of the individual, your right to chose your direction in life and decide what makes you happy and successful.  I believe in your right to be rewarded for your efforts and enjoy the benefits of your hard work and all it brings to you and your family.  I don't believe our government has a right to take more of what you've earned just because you've earned more than someone else.  This idea that government should and can take care of you under a socialist, eventual communists take over, is not who or what we are as a country and has always ended in tragedy.  Arizona is a separate and sovereign state, independent to make our own decisions as afforded under the U.S. Constitution.  We govern ourselves under Arizona's constitution and will continue to do so.  Subscribe to my Blog for more
The Border
Border states have a serious problem.  Arizona has deferred any responsibility for our security to the federal government.  This is an invasion at our border, a violation of our laws and sovereignty as a state. We need strong representation in state government to stand up for the people of Arizona.  I will be an advocate for immediate state intervention in protecting our border.  Just like you would protect your home from illegal entry, we need to protect our state from illegal entry.  Our neighbors must practice being respectful neighbors and do what is right, not what they believe is good for them at our expense.
This is a humanitarian crises caused by our congressional failures.  Human trafficking, illegal drugs, violence, and rape of children and women occur as a result.  Our Mexican neighbors are victimized as well.  Tens of thousands of trespassers travel through their neighborhoods polluting and destroying property on their way.  This isn't fair to them and those in leadership have shown they don't care about all people affected.
Teaching fundamental requirements
Our children aren't being prepared to advance in society.  We need to return to the practice of teaching American History, Math, Science, Reading and Writing.  These are being neglected in favor of taking the role of parents on moral, sexual and political issues which should be reserved for the home.  Government run schools has no right to set the standards based on coordinated, intentional political ideologies motivated by the Progressive left.
Returning to our Constitutions
We have failed as a state to intercede when the federal government usurped their granted  authorities outlined in the constitution.  Each state has elected representatives to represent them in congress. Yet representative in California and New York speak as though they represent us in Arizona.  We didn't vote for them and they don't represent Arizona citizens.  They have no authorities outside those enumerated in the constitution and our state legislators fail to point this out.  It's time to get back to basics or forever lose our country and state.  I will be a voice of our laws under the constitution, not congress when they step outside their legal authorities. 
Spending transparency in education
Our schools continue to receive the greatest percentage of state and local funding in addition to sales tax revenue, lottery money, and federal funding.  Many districts also receive corporate money from private lease agreements.   Yet our students continue to under perform in the areas of math, science and reading. 
We really have no idea where all the money goes with the current budgetary reporting system.  The schools must post a itemized revenue and spending report with a breakdown by departments within the districts.


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