Randy Miller For Arizona


To all voters in LD 21:


I hope that all of you will put our country, our State, and our liberty first as you go to the polls in 2020. Randy Miller has a solid record of dedication to principles and true Republicanism.


It is now time for us to vote for the best candidate; one we all know will keep his word, stand against corruption, and actually KEEP his oath to the Constitution. All public officials are required by law to swear an oath of allegiance to the Constitutions of the United States and of Arizona. Randy Miller will actually do it! 


Sheriff Richard Mack (Ret)

To voters of LD 21


I enthusiastically endorse the campaign of Randy Miller for election to the Arizona House of Representatives. He is a strong Constitutionalist and believes we need to stop the progressive movement, to reinterpret it according to a "progressive" doctrine.


Randy is committed to stop revisionist American history in our schools and teach the true story of our country. He also is concerned about our border and wants action to build a wall.


Dr Lance Hurley

Former Captain, USMC

Founding Fathers Ministry, Inc.           

I support and endorse Randy Miller for the LD 21 AZ House seat.


Randy is a man of principal, honesty and integrity. Something that we need more of in our AZ legislature. We both ran for our respective LD AZ Senate seats against the "establishment" candidates in 2018.


Randy is a strong advocate and guardian of the U.S. and A Z Constitution. Randy puts Principal over Party. Please help me in supporting Randy Miller for the AZ house. Thank you.


Brent Backus

Former Republican Primary Candidate for AZ Senate LD13- 2018


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