Our Southern Border

Our border crises is real and what is happening is not immigration, it's an invasion.  Randy recognizes this is a humanitarian crises in that women and children are victimized with violence and rape, those that can't keep up are left behind, murdered or die in the elements.  The people of Mexico are victims of tens of thousands of trespassers tramping through the country, neighborhoods and communities leaving trash, committing crimes and camping around them.  When they arrive within our borders,  as many as 1,400 a day are being released in our cities, not vetted, sick and carriers of illness.  Yet, our members of congress demonstrate they don't care about the people being affected on both sides and have no interest in what is fair about a legal immigration system.

This is just a sampling of the rush to invade our country.  If they are fleeing their country due to fear, why are they waiving their countries flag?

Here they come armed with video cameras and prepared to portray themselves as the victims.

 "Adults throw a child in the water to lure Border Patrol away from them."

Although this is just under 2 years old, it is an example of the problem that has only gotten worse.


Paid for by Randy Miller for Arizona