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Constitutional Republican for Arizona House

Welcome to Randy Miller for Arizona.  There are four things of immediate importance I want to work on as your legislator.  This is not all inclusive, but these are on the list of concerns for many people. 

1   State involvement in protecting our border

2.  Adherence to our constitutions

3.  Transparency in education spending to protect our  schools

4.  Getting back to basics in the class room, math reading,      writing and science and history.

5.  Correcting the unconstitutional law that granted the governor unlimited authority over the people during a "crises".

Below I have a 5 minute video explaining why Denmark's socialist experiment failed.   I hope those  that are following the "Progressives" will take the time to challenge their view points and watch.  America will never survive any attempts to further alter our course towards Socialism. 


I will be walking in a neighborhood near you!  Lets talk and let me win your vote.  We need a free thinker for Arizona.


I am running for office because I am concerned about the direction our state and country is taking.  Our children are falling behind in education and have been for years.   The family is being replaced in the raising of their children by government run schools  and our children exit the "system" with unrealistic ideas of government function and responsibility in their lives.  We aren't being fair to our kids or caring about their future independence and success.

The "Progressive" movement wants to dissolve our borders and our constitutions, thus eliminating any patriotic identity by saturating our country with a mixed culture unwilling to assimilate to our long standing beliefs and practices.

Our constitutional restrictions on government are in place to protect the people from tyranny and oppression.  The Progressives recognize this and use any opportunity  they can distort and twist a situation to fit their agenda of restricting our rights in exchange for their promise of protection and supplier of your needs.  We are a constitutional Republic, not a socialist democracy.

I will be a voice of reason when reason is absent from the conversation and a voice for justice when justice isn't being served under our constitutions. 

My LD 21 Debate

Sorry Bernie, WRONG again!   See video Below

Video may load a little slow, but its worth it.

Socialism Sucks, National Popular Vote

 We need people to walk, hang flyers, knock on doors and work booths at events or libraries.

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